Angel Dog Acres Rescue

We are a home-based 501c3 non-profit rescue for homeless and abandoned animals. We work to adopt, educate, and promote spay/neuter to reduce the homeless pet population.

Our Why

We believe that every animal deserves a life filled with love, care, and enjoyment. While many animals are lucky enough to find that in the early stages of life, many are not, and that is when we step in. Here at Angel Dog Acres Rescue, we take in animals that are in need of human kindness, and we then provide a loving home environment in which to recover while they wait to take their next step into a forever home.
Our shelters are overflowing with dogs and cats in need of homes, and we do our best to take in those that are malnourished, abused, or aging, as well as extreme medical cases. While we hate to see the conditions many of them are in when they arrive, to watch each individual transform into a lively, curious, and secure being is one of life’s greatest rewards.

Our Mission

We aim to find the animals most in need, aid in their recovery, and match each of them with an adoring family. Every animal that passes through our doors is treated as a family member while they wait for their family to come along. As a home-based rescue, you will not find kennels or cement floors lining our facility, but instead you will find an inviting farm house, warm blankets, comfy couches, and large fenced in yards in which they can roam. We advocate for a better world for each and every animal by working with the community to promote spay/neuter projects as well as responsible pet guardianship.

Our Promise

We believe that we are our animals second chance at life, and we aim to make sure to fulfill our responsibility to give them the best future possible. We believe in quality over quantity when matching our animals, so we promise to never pair an adopter with a dog or cat if we feel that it is not a good fit. We believe in full disclosure with any and all health or temperament issues (if any) and we will never sugarcoat details just to send an animal out the door.

Just like humans, animals have specific needs. Whether you are looking for a dog that is kid friendly, dog friendly, or just fits into your lifestyle, we aim to find the perfect match. While all circumstances cannot be predicted, we promise to find the best match possible for both the human(s) and animal(s) involved in the adoption process.

Contact Us

Angel Dog Acres is a home-based rescue in Columbus, Indiana. We can be reached via email at